Anyone who knows me, knows I love my tennis, so I was super excited to see that Boodles is returning for 2023 to the stunning location of Stoke Park. This is a such a fantastic opportunity to watch the world’s top players warm up for Wimbledon and it’s on our doorstep 🙂

I’ve attended a few times and it really is a brilliant experience – you can get up close and personal with the tennis stars with every seat being literally within 12 meters from world class players. 

The Boodles 2023 will be held the week prior to Wimbledon – from June 27th– 1st July.

Tickets start at £90.85 for a stadium pass which includes entry to Stoke Park, a reserved seat in the Stadium and access to the Garden Bar where lunch and afternoon the will be on offer. Gates open at 11.30am and the first match is scheduled to start at 2.20pm. 

Find out more here.

Who’s been or tempted to book tickets for this year?