Body Control Pilates with Sam Sidley


Sam Sidley has been teaching mat based Pilates since 2002 and work closely with her clients in small groups ensuring hands on supervision and support.  Pilates classes help to build strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine.  The focus is on strengthening the core muscles and improving postural awareness, making it popular not only in the field of fitness, but also in rehabilitation.  Sam currently teaches Monday to Friday daytime in Amersham, Little Chalfont, Prestwood, Holmer Green and Hazlemere.

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Telephone: 07786 707570



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Overall rating
Warmsnd friendly teacher
Overall rating
Sam is an excellent teacher with a warm and friendly attitude, her classes are delightful. I really feel that my posture has improved and I am stronger and fitter for my tennis and golf.
Amazing teacher,amazing results
Overall rating
Having been told by a physiotherapist that my lower back problems were not helped with weak core muscles (from having two big babies !) ,I decided to take up body control Pilates with Sam about 2 years ago. Within a very short time I noticed quite incredible differences not only in my back,my mobility was so much greater and pain reduced, but also in the tone of my body ,particularly my abs !! For the first time in a quite a while my stomach was flatter and more defined , I was delighted ! I have continued with Sam now for almost 2 and half years and I can honestly say it was the best fitness decision I have ever Made. My whole body feels stronger,toned and so much more supple and even when I had surgery last year to remove a ruptured disc Sam was able to adjust all the exercises to suit my problem which meant I didn't have to miss a class before my op . My physiotherapists during my recuperation were amazed at my ability to do all my exercises and more and commented at how good my Pilates teacher was( all the exercises were what Sam was doing in her classes,) Sam has such a wonderful teaching manner and is excellent at keeping the classes flowing even when she is helping individual clients within a group.She encourages and explains all the movements in a way that gels her classes no matter your ability . I can't recommend her highly enough and the results speak foe themselves.