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Playgrounds & Parks October 10, 2012 1023
Another cheap day out!
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As an ofsted registered childminder finding things to do that will entertain the children in my care can be difficult as the children can range from 1 -12. Black Park is a great day out! £2.50-£3.00 for the car park(off/on peak) and then money for an ice cream! I always take a picnic and plenty to drink so that helps keep the spending down...although I have heard that the cafe is good. As well as the huge fenced off play area there are paths around the lake and through the woodland...plenty of space to run around and burn off that energy! I look after mainy boys at the moment and their favourite activity is den building when we go and it's great to see even the yougest children join in by helping to gather sticks or leaves or anything that they think will be used! :) The children also enjoy treasure hunts...pre-printed sheet with things to look out for...and can get quite competetive at it!
The park can be enjoyed at any time of the year...I went recently (Feb) with a two and a half year old all togged up in his coat, hat, scarf and boots and we went puddle jumping!! (well...he did...I just watched! )