playball photo 2Name:  
Joanne Forrest Smith & Biba Lloyd


Family members: 

Joanne: Married to Steve with two children.

Biba: Married to Will with three children.


Previous career: 

Joanne: Picture researcher in the publishing industry and a registered childminder.

Biba: PE teacher and HR Manager.


Name & description of your business: 

Playball Bucks Ltd, a multisports & movement programme for children aged 2 – 9.


What gave you the inspiration to start your own business and how did you go from having an idea to getting the business up and running?  

We both wanted to be able to work when we wanted to, and to have the opportunity to grow our own business. We loved the Playball programme having first hand experience of it in London, and recognised the need for something like it in the area. We had lots of planning meetings and basically contacted everyone we knew to spread the word about our new business venture.


How do you juggle running a business and family life?

Joanne: Good planning, hard work and a network of friends who are always around to help.

Biba: Making sure the balance is right between teaching and seeing the children, plus doing most of my admin when they are at school or in bed!


What’s the best & worst thing about having your own business?

Joanne: Seeing our business grow and the opportunities for expansion are very exciting. There isn’t really a worst thing as I love the hard work as I’m a workaholic 🙂

Biba: Best, being able to watch the classes increase and see the positive effect word of mouth can have on your business. Worst, never being able to switch off.


Where would you like to be in 5 years time?  

Doing much of the same, but on a bigger scale and managing coaches delivering Playball throughout Bucks. also looking to buy another franchise! Poss Herts or Berks!


What one piece of advice would you give to other mothers hoping to start up their own business?  

Joanne: Go for it and don’t be afraid!

Biba: Use every contact you have. Believe in your product.


Website address:


For details about Playball Half Term camps click here.