These festive treats by Blossoming Cooks can be quickly prepared beforehand, or you can let the kids make them during the party instead. They’ll enjoy rolling and dipping their own colorful, sparkling berries! Strawberries work best, but blueberries and blackberries (or chunks of fruit your child enjoys) can be used for variety as well. 

– A selection of berries (strawberries work best)

– Coloured sugar (available at most supermarkets or make your own by adding 3 drops of food colouring to 60g of sugar)


For the dip:

– 4 tsp icing sugar

– 250g cream cheese

– 3 tbsp milk

– 1 tsp vanilla essence


– Whip all the dip ingredients together until smooth and creamy

– Use toothpicks to spear the berries and roll them first into the dip and then into the coloured sugar.