Louise Webster from www.beyondtheschoolrun.com has recently launched Beyondtheschoolrun Ambassador Programme (aka Beyondtheschoolrunners). The idea behind it is that by sharing our skills, connections and opportunities it can be beneficial to both the Ambassador and also BTSR.

beyond tsr logoLouise commented: “We’re looking for people who can offer their time in exchange for training, promotion and also an opportunity to be part of a great team. This is the first time we have done this programme, so bear with us as we work out the format but if you are a parent who is looking for their next step beyond full time caring; you run a business and want to be part of a team or you want to be engaged with the working world in the hours that work for you – then this might be right for you.”

BTSR would welcome support from the BTSRunners (which will vary per person) with any of the following:
• Eyes and ears in your community for opportunities, content and ideas that may be relevant to the community
• Provide day to day support – proof reading copy, brainstorming ideas, finding new brands to work with
• Write copy, conduct interviews for the website
• Find flexible job & advertising opportunities maybe your area or beyond
• Promote and share Beyondtheschoolrun developments and products
• Provide support in setting up of the Beyondtheschoolrun events
• Represent Beyondtheschoolrun at events

BTSR would hope to provide you with:
• An opportunity to work the hours that are available to you and from where best works for you
• Be part of a great team
• Learn new skills or rediscover old ones
• Receive recognition for becoming a BTSRunner and acknowledgement for your work on the website (and promotion of other businesses you may have)
• A commission will be paid for all revenue brought in by yourself ie advertising, job opportunities
• Opportunity to attend press invites on behalf of Beyondtheschoolrun
• A regular connection with the working world & positive step towards your dreams and passions

If you’re interested Email louise@beyondtheschoolrun.com with a brief introduction to yourself, your background and also if you have any questions.