Last week, I headed along to meet Emma Bastin at The Holistic Studio in Amersham. Emma specialises in holistic treatments such as massage, reflexology, facials and Microdermabrasion and invited us along to try her out. Having recently completed Tough Mudder ☺ and as a regular runner, I opted for a Swedish massage to ease away the tension in my body!

Holistic StudioI was a little frazzled when I first met Emma (I hadn’t left enough time for parking!), but she was lovely, very friendly and immediately put me at ease and I felt really comfortable.

Emma and I had a brief chat before my treatment and I explained that I suffer from tight shoulders and tightness in the top of my back due to the sports I engage in. Every treatment is tailored to client’s individual needs – we agreed that Emma would do a little reflexology work as part of my treatment too (more about that later).

After the consultation, Emma left the room and asked me to get undressed to my knickers & to lie on the table face down underneath the towel. Emma used massage oil, starting on my back using various massage strokes and kneading around my shoulder area. The pressure was perfect and I could feel the tension being released as the muscle “knots” were gradually broken down.

When she’s finished on the back area she worked the back on each leg, especially around the calf area, as the muscles are so tight from running. The massage includes your back, front & back of your legs (including thighs), your feet and your arms.

At the end of the massage Emma spent about 5 minutes doing some reflexology. Reflexology is a treatment performed on the feet to help unblock energy channels within the body. During which she picked up on blockages in my shoulders and neck but also in my digestive system. In particular my stomach & small intestine was showing up through both crunchy nodules and the area apparently felt very tight. The previous week I hadn’t been very well so I presume this was as a result of that.

I would definitely recommend a separate reflexology session. Emma would usually spend an hour working across all the points in the feet to help balance the body but as this would included as part of another treatment she did a quick over view on me as my treatment was more about the massage and tension relief.

The massage helped to alleviate the tightness in the muscles and the pressure was perfect. I came away feeling rejuvenated and utterly relaxed ☺ I love that Emma can tailor treatments to the needs of each individual client and they can choose from a variety of therapies.

Cost: A Swedish full body massage costs £45. For a full list of the treatments & their benefits see

Address: Holistic Studio, Chiltern Business Centre, 63-65 Woodside Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 6AA

The Holistic Studio is located at the back of The Chiltern Centre on Woodside Road (in between Laura Ashley and Jack & Atticus). Allow time to park as there isn’t always parking directly outside.

Telephone: 07725 096601


Emma works in partnership with her mother in law who runs the Mind Studio. Founders of the Mind Studio, Jackie Bastin and John Parry are Cognitive Hypnotherapists and NLP Practioners and provide bespoke, one to one therapy sessions and a variety of workshops. For more information about the mind Studio see