Blow the cob webs off with a winter walk in the beautiful countryside. There are plenty of walks to choose from around Burnham Beeches but we particularly like the idea of a walk followed by a pub lunch. Here is a 4 1/2 mile easy walk through Burnham Beeches to The Blackwood Arms, see reviews of The Blackwood Arms here.

BurnhamBeechesWalk1 Follow the drive away from Farnham Common, keeping the car parking area on the left. Pass a
refreshment kiosk and veer right at the fork just beyond it. Soon reach a gate where you enter the
National Nature Reserve’s car-free zone. Follow Halse Drive as it curves left and down between
trees. At the bottom of the hill swing left into Victoria Drive.

2 Follow the broad stony drive between the beeches, avoiding turnings either side of the route, and
eventually reach a major junction with a wide path on the left and right. On the right is a large beech
tree with ‘Andy 6.9.97’ carved on the trunk. If you manage to miss the path, you will soon reach the
road. Bear right and go up the slope, keep left at the fork and cross several clearings to reach the
road at the junction with Green Lane and Park Lane.

3 Cross the road to a stile and waymark and go straight ahead, keeping the boundary on your left.
Make for a stile and descend into the field dip, quickly climbing again to pass alongside the grounds
of Dorney Wood. Walk ahead to the field corner, cross a stile and turn right at the road. Head for a
way-marked footpath on the left and cross the field to a gap in the trees and hedgerow. Turn right
and skirt the fields, making for a belt of trees and banks of undergrowth. The path cuts between two
oak trees in the next field before reaching a gap in the hedgerow.

4 Cross a stile out to the road and turn left. Pass Common Lane and Horseshoe Hill and turn right at
the next bridleway. Follow the track through the wood to the next road at Littleworth Common.
Cross the stile to the right of The Blackwood Arms and follow the Beeches Way. Beyond the next
stile continue ahead alongside the wood, crossing two stiles before following a fenced path. Go
through a gate and take the path between the trees of Dorney Wood.

5 On reaching a stile, cross over to the road and continue on the Beeches Way. Make for the next
major intersection and keep right along Halse Drive. Pass Victoria Drive and retrace your steps back
to the car park.

Source: The Blackwood Arms