Avoid the awful summer sandal shame this year and

proudly show off your happy feet!

SandalsDuring the summer we tend to be barefoot or wear sandals and flip flops. As a podiatrist regularly I see clients’ who are embarrassed and self-conscious about their feet; and they dread getting them out in public. It’s usually cracked heels, corns, callus and thick discolored toe nails, which usually causes this.
Generally, speaking throughout the winter we neglect our feet. We automatically hydrate and protect the skin on our face; this is second nature to us. The skin and health of our feet is often an afterthought. Your feet give you your independence and this should not be taken for granted. Just as you see the dentist and optician regularly, you need to add a podiatrist to the list, for a well-deserved MOT on your feet.
Everyone’s tootsies need TLC from time to time. Here are some top tips to get your feet looking and feeling 20 years younger; and how to get your feet ready for the summer sandal season!

• Soft and smooth soles are easy to achieve with an emery board foot file. Use this with your skin dry prior to bathing; concentrate its use on the callus / dry skin areas.
• Following this use of body scrub on your feet when bathing, for that polished silk effect.
• Dry your feet thoroughly, pushing cuticles back with a towel.
• Your feet sweat 1.5 liters daily. Therefore, they need hydration, and regular use of a hydrating foot cream is the best way to achieve this.
• If you decide to wear nail polish always use a basecoat to prevention nail discoloration / dehydration of nail plate. Hot pink and blue colours are in fashion!
• And finally get your special someone to give them a five minute foot rub.

HeelsAt Walk This Way Podiatry feet are our passion and we provide superior foot and ankle healthcare. Podiatric treatment of cracked heels, corns, callus and thick discolored toe nails is quick, painless and more so, the results are instant. If your feet need that professional touch, we would be delighted to resolve your foot problem. We look forward to welcoming you.

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