The transition school is not a business idea firstly. It is an opportunity for children to experience what it’s like being in a secondary school and diminishing the daunting feeling of being in a bigger scarier environment.

The main initiatives of the transition school is for children to participate in a range of activities that they would be doing in secondary school, this is to build confidence before they even get there.

aheadtransitionAccording to Umar Aslam from Ahead Tuition; the best part about transition school is that it helps reduce the fear of bullying, not making friends and being around bigger students. From feedback from all the parents last year, they feel that their child is more confident this year and that the transition school had a positive impact on their child’s future. Hence we are running it again.

Children will be put into groups which are run by older students, therefore they will experience what it’s like being older students and they might even meet children who will be going to the same school, so they make friends earlier rather than later.

Coming from an educational background, we can also help develop numerical and literacy skills as a lot of the helpers are tutors and teachers, therefore we run key skills workshops during the three days and also give feedback to the parents about what we think they can do to support them over the week.

There are so many positives from the transition school, I could speak for days about it! I would be even more than happy to come in and speak to the school if they would be interested!

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