The festive programme of afternoon movie-watching, snacking on leftovers and dipping into selection boxes has come to a close, and it is unlikely that your child is feeling overly enthusiastic about the reinstatement of a regular term-time routine. Our first article this year gives our top tips on how to help your child feel motivated about returning to school.

Make New Year’s Resolutions Together

Between the ages of 7 and 12 your child is growing more receptive to ideas about self-improvement. Their habits are not yet set in stone and they can be encouraged toward healthy lifestyle choices, yet increasingly they know their own minds and feel ready to set their own goals. Helping your child to make New Year’s resolutions can inspire excitement for the fresh start that a new academic term brings as well as an increased sense of ambition, resilience and responsibility.

Begin by congratulating your child on everything that they have achieved over the past year. What can they do now that they could not do this time last year? In what ways have they grown as individuals? Remind them what they did to get to this point, such as spending extra time practising or becoming more patient with themselves, and ask them what they would like to achieve this year. Setting your own goals and explaining how you are going to work toward making these goals a reality offers a healthy model of self-improvement for your child to follow.

Put Some Dates in the Diary

Overcome the anti-climax of the end of the holidays with the promise of more exciting times ahead! Your child’s syllabus for the next term can give you ideas for interesting family days out that will support their school learning, such as a relevant museum exhibition, whilst small treats like a family film night can help to brighten the long weeks before the half-term break.

Whilst you have your diary to hand, book in any holiday courses or mock exams that children preparing for the 11 Plus exam will attend. Flying Start Tuition have a comprehensive programme of holiday courses and mock exam experiences to suit all needs. Once your child’s place is secure, you can focus on deciding on where your next family outing will be!

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