In my Monkey Music uniform, I wave goodbye to my 12 year old twins as they head off to school and jump in the car heading to my Monkey Music classes in Amersham. It’s Monday, the first day of a Monkey Music Teacher’s working week in Amersham, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, and High Wycombe, and whilst many road users seem to have ‘back to work’ blues, I’m smiling in anticipation, eager to get set up and see our lovely little monkeys and share with them this week’s lesson plan. I arrive and take the Cello and Violin out of their cases. As well as playing our percussion instruments, my Jiggety-Jig (2 & 3 years old) and Ding-Dong (3 & 4 years old) children will get to play these too this week. Even my babies in Rock’n’Roll (3months to 1 year) and toddlers in Heigh-Ho (1 & 2 year olds) will get to touch and listen to these members of the String family. Next term will be the Brass family. I’m excited to see them play the French Horn!

MonkeyMusicEdMy little ones start to arrive, ‘Hello Elen!’. I am greeted with lots of smiles and waving. The half hour class goes by so quickly – we have packed so much in. Building on all four stages of development, Social, Physical, Speech & Language, and Creativity, we have sung songs with Monkey, danced with Baby Mo, played the drums, cage bells, maraquitas and castanets, and listened beautifully. I adore my job and my little monkeys were once again brilliant in finding that steady beat. My Ding-Dong children were easily distinguishing musical notation between a crotchet, a quaver and a rest! This Monkey Music curricula is second to none. Since a child I have sung professionally, graduated in music from a top class university and spent years as a successful West End performer but nothing gives me more pleasure than using this award winning musical curricula to nurture a lifetime of music in these clever Monkey Musicians. I know that my fellow Monkey Music teachers, Sandra and Helen feel exactly the same.

My morning of Monkey Music classes has come to an end and that pang of sadness is back. I have met some gorgeous little ones who experienced Monkey Music for the first time in their FREE class. Watching their eyes widen and smiles broaden as their confidence grows is magical. Their parents and carers have enjoyed their time too – already I overheard a coffee date being arranged with another Monkey Music Mum for next week. Roll on tomorrow when I can don my Monkey Music uniform once again – this time in Beaconsfield. I can’t wait! Elen x

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