Do you feel you’re on a constant treadmill juggling work, family and daily chores? Do you find there aren’t enough hours in the day to do a good job at home or at work? Are you lying awake at night worrying that you don’t spend enough quality time with your children? Rest assured you’re not alone – working mums all over the Chilterns feel exactly the same.

So, here are 5 top tips from career and confidence coach Fiona Clark, founder of Inspired Mums, to help you juggle work and life and find a sense of balance.

juggling mum21. Be honest with yourself

When you are a working mum you need to strike the right balance by saving energy for both parts of your life. Be honest with yourself – if you don’t want the next big promotion at work then accept now isn’t the right time for your ambition to be sky high.

2. Give yourself a break

Be realistic about what you can achieve in a day, week or month. Focus on what you have done (not what you haven’t) and above all, resist the temptation to be a perfectionist as you will feel constantly disappointed. It can help to make a short to do list of things you MUST get done today, and then a separate list of what you’d like to do if there’s time.

3. Structure your day

Consider when you are most productive and structure your day accordingly. If you have more energy and your brain is fresher in the morning then tackle the longest or trickiest tasks first thing. Then if you have an energy dip mid afternoon, take that opportunity to cuddle up with the kids on the sofa or catch up with them about their school day.

4. Have clear boundaries

If you’re feeling guilty about being a working parent, then focus on quality time rather than quantity. Children need some time with you that is focused and uninterrupted, so be disciplined – put away your phone and ignore the chores for a fixed period of time. In order to do this, you may need to be assertive with your manager and team about when you are and aren’t available.

5. Don’t try and do everything

Whether it’s asking your partner or other members of the family to help out, or hiring a cleaner, think about what tasks are easiest to delegate to someone else and just do it! Never feel guilty about outsourcing the birthday cake if baking isn’t your ‘thing’. Remember your situation and needs will change as your children grow older.

Finally, keep in mind the benefits of your situation as this will help you keep positive. Perhaps work gives you a feeling of fulfillment or financial security and alleviates the boredom of domestic chores? Take the time to appreciate the different aspects of your life and what it is you are grateful for.

Fiona Clark is a qualified confidence and career coach who founded Inspired Mums to inspire women to reach their full potential at work. She is passionate about helping women find fulfilling, family friendly roles.

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