fab DISCOUNTs forKeyPersonnel & Parents, from EmergencyLOCKSMITHS & HANDYMEN-InviroSolutions [PropertyMaintenance] from Nice&Local  IanGraham 0785 383 9670 –  Traceable/landlineNr. 01494 671 308  ** For parents or Doctors etc,   15 %Off  labourCharges on already competitively priced InviroSolutions !  **If  both a Parent And KeyStaff, you receive anUnmissable 1/4 Off  QualityWork Labour, on any Locksmithing And Handymen tasks, for bookings by Nov. 30th  ** This is to assist wonderful ChilternChatter’s Parents-members, help KeyStaff-heroes, and reduce costs  and/or  “stress”  🙂  with  kids back to school, maybe.