First and foremost …  Enjoy the summer!

This year, more than ever, the school holidays will be essential for relaxation and recovery. Kids and adults alike need to make up for all those missed hours of rest, play, and priceless times with friends and family. Whilst there are bound to be concerns about disrupted schooling and the effects of last year on learning and exam readiness, the most important thing is for everyone to find their feet again so you can take the 11+ in your stride. Keep stress at bay with things your family enjoys, like picnics, board games, away-days or craft projects, and prioritise no-pressure leisure time. Studying is far more effective and productive when it’s balanced with restorative sleep, fresh air and enjoyable distractions like sports and reading together.

That said …

Those facing the 11+ in the autumn can’t forget about keeping their skills topped up to avoid the “summer slide”: lengthy breaks lead to forgotten learning. As well as revision and practice, the holidays are the perfect time to address coping strategies for any pre-exam nerves. Ideally, preparation should include familiarisation with the material, timed practice, and getting comfortable with exam conditions like silence, so there are no nasty surprises on the day. Being well-prepared is the key to feeling calm, focussed and engaged, ready to do your best.

But how to fit it all in?

You need recovery time too, so you may be asking how to fit that in whilst you add “Entertainments Manager”, “Revision Cop” and “Mock Exam Supervisor” to your many demanding roles! Read on to see how Flying Start’s holiday courses and mock exams can play their part in helping you relax, confident that your child’s 11+ prep is in the hands of the experts.

Holiday courses avoid boredom and burnout!

Nothing leads to boredom and burnout faster than days of dull, repetitive revision. Holiday courses offer the antidote: a wide variety of teaching methods, practice questions, brain teasers and games to keep children engaged and make the content memorable – all whilst pupils make new friends with others who are preparing for the exam. And you can relax, knowing your child has covered the necessary material and learned those all-important exam techniques.

Taking place in our Chesham tuition centre and online, our Revision and Practice courses are designed to keep up the momentum over the long break. Running over five mornings or afternoons, they are suitable for students who are familiar with the main 11+ question types – either through tutoring or practice at home. Online courses take place in our interactive virtual classrooms with small class sizes, regular breaks and movement incorporated to make them as close to an in-venue experience as possible. 

Bear in mind that your child does not need to have had prior tuition to attend our online Flash Workshops, which provide additional support on test topics and give children opportunities to challenge themselves – great ways to create confidence. All this means you can enjoy your time with them but, should you want to do any additional work at home, a good course provider will leave you with a clear idea of how to make that as targeted and useful as possible.

Multiple Mocks: In-venue, online and in a box!

To give the children an advance taste of the real thing, our 11+ Mock Experiences simulate test conditions and take place in a local exam hall and online. The papers closely resemble the style and format of the Bucks 11+ tests, including timed sections and the use of audio instructions. Students sharpen their skills and techniques, and weaknesses can be discovered in time to tackle them. Flying Start’s mock papers are written in-house by our team of Eleven Plus experts, directed by Sian Goodspeed, author of many Schofield and Sims 11+ books.

After each mock experience, parents receive an email containing results, a scores breakdown and the average score for that test. More in-depth, tailored feedback can be obtained during the free online feedback session (included with every mock) when students review their test papers in small groups in our virtual classrooms with the support of one of our expert tutors.

Each attendee will also receive a free login to our Online Learning Zone, with its unique suite of tests comprising over 100 additional practice questions. Each mock exam unlocks its own set of tests, so the more mock tests your child takes, the more online questions they can access.

Digital Mocks

Our 11+ Digital Mocks may be the answer if you are looking for a more flexible option. These can be taken in the comfort of your home, within a two-day window. Like the real thing, there is an on-screen multiple choice answer sheet and, once the test has begun, the timer begins its countdown and cannot be paused or stopped. Once the test is completed, you will be sent a report detailing your child’s results, which will give you the information you need to understand their strengths and weaknesses and plan the next steps of their exam preparation.

Portable Mocks in a Box

Our Mocks in a Box contain everything you need for realistic 11+ exam prep in one handy box! Perfect for home and travel, the papers in the Mocks in a Box can be worked through at your child’s own pace, allowing gradual introduction of exam skills as well as catering for regular exam-style practice over the summer break. They are available in sets of ten or twenty papers, which some have hailed as ‘the best 11+ papers on the market’. Mocks in a Box can be ordered online and delivered to your address. 

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that your child will be in expert hands, and that we will be following appropriate distancing and hygiene policies to ensure the safety of all our attendees. To accommodate distancing guidelines, places on our courses and 11+ Mock Experiences are very limited. If changes to restrictions mean that a mock test or holiday course can no longer run in-venue, it will take place online.

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