11+ Revision and Practice Courses

Ideal for keeping up the momentum over the holidays, our Revision and Practice courses help students consolidate techniques, improve timing and fine-tune exam strategies. These courses are suitable for year 5 pupils who are familiar and confident with all the main question types featured on the Eleven Plus.

Covering the four areas of English, verbal reasoning, mathematics and non-verbal reasoning, pupils will do plenty of practice exercises, brush up on their weaker areas and gain in speed and efficiency when answering questions in timed conditions. These courses are running in our Chesham and Little Chalfont centres throughout the summer holidays. It is best to book early as 11+ holiday courses are popular and places fill up quickly, and you certainly want to avoid a clash with any family holidays you have planned. Flying Start Tuition also accepts tax-free childcare payments and childcare vouchers, so you can make the most of your allowance by adding educational value to your childcare arrangements. The best part? 11+ Revision and Practice courses and Mocks are 10% off for Chiltern Chatter readers with code : chatter10.

Book online now to secure your child’s place: https://flyingstarttuition.co.uk/product-category/11-revision-practice-courses/

New to 11+ Superpowers?

If your child has not been attending a term-time 11+ course with Flying Start, we highly recommend they work through our 11+ Superpowers workshops in advance of this course. This can be done in your own time at home through a series of pre-recorded video workshops. This will provide them with more in-depth 11+ Superpowers training that will ensure they fully benefit from the techniques revised on the Revision and Practice course. Luckily our 11+ Superpowers course is currently over 50% off for Chiltern Chatter readers here: https://flying-start-tuition.mykajabi.com/offers/ZjwJYZAC  t: 01494 772 898

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Flying Start are Ofsted registered and accept Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare.