March is the month to give HIIT a try with the amazing Melissa Scott – Total Body Training! Melissa is offering a FREE ‘live’ online class or a class recording to try in your own time at home.

If you’re looking to burn fat and get fit HIIT training is for you! High Intensity Interval Training is a time efficient and incredibly effective method of burning excess fat, whilst increasing overall fitness levels. Exercises are designed to strengthen the entire body and you are encouraged to work to your maximum personal ability for short, repeated bursts of effort, followed by periods of recovery.

Melissa’s class structure of HIIT allows for each exercise to be safely adapted to suit all fitness levels, whether super fit, returning to exercise or simply starting out. The 45 minute class mostly uses bodyweight, however, hand weights can be used for a more intense experience!

If you’d like to trial a FREE ‘live’ online class or receive a class recording simply drop Melissa an email,, to request one. What are you waiting for? 

See website for more details about HIIT and different classes that Melissa offers: