We caught up with local mum Jenny, who recently took her family along the Firecrest Trail in Wendover Woods, a 2.8-mile signposted walk through the habitat of the firecrest, Europe’s smallest bird……

I took the boys (10 & 8 years) to Wendover Woods at the weekend, it was one a beautiful sunny Spring day after many days of rain and cold I grabbed the opportunity to get the boys outside and in the fresh air.  I am finding the more time they spend indoors and zombified around electronics they become reluctant to ‘go out for a walk etc’ so thought this would do the trick.  I have not been to Wendover for a few years and on arrival found they have demolished the play area and large area around the car park are being renovated which is part of a £4.5m regeneration scheme.  I imagine this will take most of this year to complete with a new cafe, information area, play area and double capacity of parking to what they have now.  The existing cafe is still open and has plenty of seating space outside unaffected by the works.  

We chose the FireCrest walk 2.8 miles, as the boys are 8 and 10 I knew they are very capable of this distance.  The walk is stunning with plenty of natural entertainment on the way as it goes through beatutiful woodland, opens up to lovely views of the Chilterns.  We found it well signed with maps of all the trails available at the information point near the cafe. Firecrest Trail (England)  The walk took 1.5 hours and we finished up with lunch in the cafe which offers the usual tasty fair of tea, coffee, cakes, paninis etc.  

I would highly recommend going for a visit.  Even with the renovation work I would suggest it as a place to go and walk and if a play area is high on your list then perhaps wait til after the work.  Get there early in peak times as I understand parking will be limited during the building work though we did manage to get parked arriving at 11am on a Saturday (parking cost us £3.30 for up to 4 hours).

Website: https://www.forestry.gov.uk/wendoverwoods